Swiss roll cake line

CRM-SRCL swiss roll cake line, layer cake production line/ sponge cake line manufacturer

Item número.: CRM-SRCL650
This set of sponge cake production line is made up of inflatable mixer, Extrusion and forming machine, gas tunnel oven, Sugar dredging machine, Cooling conveying line, Pressing flat machine, Cutting edge and partition, Perfusion milk machine, Rolling, Ver

Product Information 

The general introduction of the production line:
This Swiss Roll cake production line is made up of inflatable mixer, Oiling machine, Forming machine, Electric/diesel/gas tunnel oven, Sugar depositor, Cutter ,Cream mixing machine, Cream depositor, roller, Pressing cake sheet flat , Cooling & sterilization line,  180°curve conveyor , Packaging machine, Code printer , Nitrogen generator .
The photo of sponge cake production line (Real pictures in Vietnam client’s factory)

CRM-SRCL Automatic Swiss roll Cake production line could produce the products as below : layer cake ,mini Swiss roll cake .

The layout of the Swiss roll cake production line

The main machines model and parameters
No. Commodity Quantity Dimension(mm) Power(V,HZ)
1 Inflatable mixer (Including chiller &Inflatable head ) 1 set 2260*1465*1900 380V,50HZ
2 Oiling machine 1 unit 1000*400*600 380V,50HZ
3 Forming machine 1 unit 1200*1500*700 380V,50HZ
4 Into oven rack 1 unit 1200*700* 1200 380V,50HZ
5 Gas tunnel oven 25 meters 16000*1200*2500   380V,50HZ
6 Out of oven rack 1 unit 1200*700* 1200 380V,50HZ
7 Clean steel belt system 1 unit 500*1200*500 380V,50HZ
8 Sugar depositor 1 unit 2500*1000*1500 380V,50HZ
9 Cooling conveyor 16 meters 8000*2300*1000 380V,50HZ
10 PU conveyor  1 bar 6000*900*1200 380V,50HZ
11 Pressing cake sheet flat 1unit 100*900*90 380V,50HZ
12 longitudinal  cutter 1unit 300*1030*300 380V,50HZ
13 Cream mixing machine 1 unit 1200*1150*1200 380V,50HZ
14 Cream conveyor 1 unit 1200*1150*1200 380V,50HZ
15 Cream depositor    1 unit 450*900*460 380V,50HZ
16 Rolling 1 unit 1000*900*300 380V,50HZ
17 Pressing complete cake  1unit 100*900*90 380V,50HZ
18 Transverse cross cutter 1 unit 520*900*440 380V,50HZ
19 180°curve conveyor 1 unit 2500*4000*1200 380V,50HZ
20 Sterilization line 1 unit 8000*2300*1000 380V,50HZ
21 Arranging conveyor 1 unit 2500*1000*500 380V,50HZ
22 Automatic packaging machine (within auto feeding packaging line ) 3 units 6000*1600*950  380V,50HZ
  • How many workers will be needed in this production line ???
    • 2 persons , mixing the raw material
    • 2 persons , operate the machine.
    • 2----3 persons, after packaging machine

We could customize your machine, according to your capacity requirement . Please let me know how many kg/hour you will need.Thanks.  


Could you answer me the following questions before you send inquiry to us please ?

1. What kind of cake will you want to make by such machine , layer cake , Swiss roll cake or both of them ?

2. How many grams of your cake , 15g ,25g or other grams ?

3. What's your space of your factory , length*width*height ? Could you send us layout drawing of your factory please ?

4. Which heating method will you need to use in tunnel oven , gas, or electrical ?

5. Do you have any requirement on components brand please ? If you have, please let us know .
Thank you.

For more information, please feel free to contact with us by the following information . We will give you feedback in 24 hours .  Thank you .



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